A plastics processing company in Oman decided to purchase an advanced PVC plastic pelletizing line in order to improve production efficiency and product quality. They made extensive investigation and comparison in the market, and finally chose our plastic recycling machine. After the purchase, the equipment was successfully installed with our help.

Components of 500kg/h PVC plastic recycling line for Oman

  • Main equipment: plastic crusher, washing tank, dewatering machine, plastic pellet making machine, cooling tank, pellet cutting machine and silo
  • Support equipment: conveyor, electric control cabinet, electromagnetic heating and hydraulic double-die

The plastic recycling line mainly processes PVC plastic waste. The customer pre-treats the PVC scrap through high-speed crushing, washing and dewatering, then feeds it into the PVC plastic pelletizer for melting and extrusion. The extruded plastic is cooled by the cooling tank and then cut into pellets. Finally, the pellets are stored for further process(like packaging them for sale).

Installation and commissioning in Oman

We sent an experienced technical team to Oman to help the customer with the installation and commissioning of the plastic recycling line. The whole installation process was carried out in strict accordance with the operation specification to ensure that each piece of equipment could operate normally.

Our technicians also provided detailed training to the customer’s operators to ensure that they were proficient in the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Customer feedback

Customers are very satisfied with our equipment and service. They said that the PVC granulating line provided by Shuliy Machinery not only runs stably, but also has high production efficiency and good product quality.

Through this plastic recycling machine line, their production cost has been effectively controlled, and the market competitiveness of their plastic pellets has been greatly improved.