Recycling has become a global concern as environmental protection takes hold. Against this backdrop, we were fortunate enough to provide a customized solution to a German customer, using a Shuliy carton box shredder to turn waste corrugated cardboard into valuable packaging materials.

Customer background

Our customer is a packaging material manufacturer based in Germany with a focus on environmental protection and sustainability. They wanted to find an effective way to recycle and convert large quantities of waste corrugated board into new packaging products, to reduce environmental impact and improve resource utilization.

Solutions for customers

Considering the customer’s needs and the characteristics of the corrugated board, we recommended our industrial cardboard shredder. Efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, this machine quickly and accurately shreds waste corrugated cardboard into pellets suitable for reuse.

Plug customization

In order to ensure that the carton box shredder operates properly under German electrical conditions, we provided a plug customization service to ensure that the equipment’s power connector matches local standards, thus avoiding equipment failure due to power problems.

Packaging and transport of carton box shredder to Germany

We take the following measures during the packaging and transport of the equipment:

  • Safe packaging: We use high-quality wooden crates to tightly pack the carton shredder to ensure that the equipment is not damaged during long-distance transport.
  • Fast transport: We chose a reliable international logistics partner to ensure that the equipment can be delivered to the customer’s site as soon as possible, and provide full tracking service, so that the customer can keep abreast of the transport situation of the equipment.