In today’s era of environmental protection and sustainability, waste corrugated cardboard in the home can be effectively reused, and the carton box shredder machine becomes the right hand in this process. So, do you know how to shred cardboard at home? We will share some tips about using a cardboard shredder.

Choose the right cardboard shredder

In order to shred cardboard at home, you need an efficient corrugated cardboard shredder. Shuliy Machinery offers a wide range of high-quality cardboard shredders that can quickly and efficiently convert waste cardboard into filler material or packaging material. Not only are these machines easy to operate, they are also affordable and perfect for home use.

carton box shredder
carton box shredder

Operations tips on using cardboard box shredder at home

Prepare waste cardboard

First, prepare the waste cardboard to be disposed of. It can be old cartons, cardboard boxes, etc.

Start the carton shredder

Turn on the power switch of the machine and make sure the machine is in working condition.

Adjust the settings

Adjust the settings of the cardboard box shredder machine according to your needs. Usually, you can adjust the position and speed of the blades, as well as the size of the output.

Feed the waste boards

Put the prepared waste boards into the feed opening of the shredder one by one. Ensure that there is no over-stacking as this may affect the machine’s operational effectiveness.

Perform shredding

Once the waste cardboard enters the shredder, the blades will quickly soften it into a continuous mass of packaging material or filler. Keep feeding the machine with cardboard until all the material has been processed.

home cardboard shredder
home cardboard shredder


At the outlet of the cardboard shredding machine, collect the packaging material that has been produced.

By following the steps above, you can easily use the carton shredder to shred cardboard at home, providing a convenient solution for packaging and filling materials.