A company in the Philippines was faced with the challenge of packaging fragile items and wanted to find a reliable packaging material to protect the products from damage during transportation. However, they found that the high cost of packaging materials on the market made it difficult to meet their needs. Thus, they wanted a cardboard shredder for packing materials production.

Shuliy’s solution for the customer from the Philippines

We recommended our cardboard shredder to our customers in the Philippines based on their needs. Our machines are cost-effective and can produce the packaging fillers they need quickly.

With our cardboard shredder machine, they were able to quickly cut materials such as cardboard into filler material suitable for packaging fragile items. This homemade packaging material is not only cost effective, but also provides enough protection to ensure the product is safe and undamaged during transportation.

Positive effects on their business

With the commissioning of the Shuliy cardboard shredder for packing, the customer’s packaging material production business has been a huge success. They have not only provided high-quality materials for packaging local fragile items, but have also established a good reputation in the market. The customer’s business continues to grow and they are considering expanding their production to meet the growing demand.

packaging fillers
packaging fillers

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Do you want to produce packaging filler materials utilizing a carton shredder by corrugated cardboard boxes? If so, contact us, our machines are super cost-effective, which benefits your business.