There are three processes of PET bottle recycling washing line: pre-washing, main washing and rinsing.

Three processes of PET bottle flakes washing line

PET recycling plant
PET recycling plant


Pre-washing is the PET bottle flake cleaning equipment to remove the sand and soil on the bottle flake and other easy-to-remove adhesion, with a simple method to remove a large number of impurities.

Without this process, a large number of impurities on the bottle flakes enter the main washing process, which will have two undesirable effects.

  • One is that these impurities will consume a large amount of cleaning agent, resulting in waste;
  • The second is that these impurities will quickly thicken the cleaning agent, affecting the cleaning effect, or even making the cleaning agent can not be used.

Main washing

The main wash of PET bottle recycling washing line is to remove the oil, glue and others which are difficult to remove stains on the bottle pieces. This part of the number of stains is very small, but the process requirements are relatively high.

According to the traditional process requirements, the bottle piece must be in 95-98 ℃ in the kerosene water solution, stirring and cleaning for more than 30 minutes to achieve the effect. The use of caustic soda as a cleaning agent is a condition that must be guaranteed, otherwise it will not wash out the upper material. With the use of new cleaning agents, temperature conditions can be appropriately relaxed, stirring or scrubbing time must not change, otherwise, it is difficult to achieve the desired results.


Rinsing is to remove the bottle flakes adhering to the stains and cleaning agents that have been dissolved by the cleaning agent, this process is also very important, rinsing does not clean bottle flakes, after baking will turn yellow.

Any PET bottle recycling washing line must have three processes of pre-washing, main washing and rinsing, each of which must achieve the desired effect to wash good bottle flakes.

Matched equipment for good cleaning PET bottle flakes

The process of washing bottle flakes also goes through three stages of dewatering, which means that for a complete PET bottle recycling washing line, there must be three dewatering machines. Such a configuration is in a PET hot washing machine line with the design principle of low consumption.

The machine has high crushing efficiency and strong washing and drying capacity. Usually according to the practical needs of customers and combined with the actual situation of the region where the customer unit is located, we customize integrated solutions for customers with high product finish and high yield.

Components of PET bottle recycling washing line

PET bottle recycling washing line mainly consists of conveyor belt, crusher, friction washing machine, sedimentation rinsing tank, screw elevator, dewatering machine, air duct drying system, silo, electric control cabinet and so on.

The whole production line can clean waste plastic products very easily from the beginning of operation to finished products. Dirty agricultural films, packaging materials or hard plastics are processed here step by step. The simple but effective design of the whole line has made the line very popular both at home and abroad.

PET bottle flakes recycling washing line
PET bottle flakes recycling washing line