Facing the increasing demand for scrap iron and copper recycling, a Malaysian recycling company urgently needs an efficient and stable metal baler machine to improve the efficiency of scrap metal processing and space utilization. After many comparisons, the company finally chose Shuliy 125 model metal baling machine.

Features of SL-125 metal baler machine for sale

The selected 125 scrap metal baler stands out for its powerful compression capacity and wide adaptability. This model is specially designed for hard metals such as scrap iron and scrap copper. It can compress loose scrap metal into regular bales in a short time, greatly saving storage and transportation costs.

  • High-efficiency baling: Since put into use, the 125-type metal baler shows excellent baling efficiency, and can handle a large amount of scrap iron and copper per hour, greatly improving the overall processing speed.
  • Cost saving: The compressed metal bales have high density and occupy little space, which makes the company‚Äôs costs in storage and transportation significantly reduced.
  • Customized service: Shuliy company according to the special needs of Malaysian customers, provides a customized service out of the bale method, to ensure that the equipment can meet the actual operating conditions of the site.
  • Easy and safe operation: The metal baler machine is easy to operate and maintain, equipped with advanced safety devices to ensure the safety of the operator and the long-term stable operation of the equipment.

Customer satisfaction and feedback

The Malaysian customer is extremely satisfied with the performance of our 125-model metal baler machine, which is considered to be a practical solution to the key problems in the treatment of scrap metal, and praises the thoughtfulness and professionalism of Shuli in equipment installation, training and after-sales service.

The customer said that Shuliy baler has become an important part of its scrap metal recycling production line, creating considerable economic benefits and social value for the company.

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