PET bottle flakes washing line is specially used to clean recycled PET bottle flakes, through the efficiency of bottle flake cleaning, it can make it restore the original cleanliness and transparency, and achieve the requirements of reuse. So how to ensure that the PET bottle flake cleaning equipment has good cleaning effect? The following will be introduced from the aspects of equipment selection, cleaning process and process parameters.

Choose the right PET bottle flakes washing line for cleaning

There are a variety of different models and specifications of cleaning equipment on the market, and the appropriate equipment should be selected according to the actual needs. Generally speaking, the cleaning effect of the PET bottle flakes washing line is related to the structure of the equipment, cleaning mechanism, spraying method, conveying speed and other factors. Therefore, when selecting equipment, consider the cleaning load, cleaning speed, cleaning effect and other factors, and fully communicate with the PET bottle recycling equipment supplier to ensure that the equipment can meet the production requirements.

PET plastic bottles washing line
PET plastic bottles washing line

Clarify the cleaning process

The cleaning process of PET bottle flakes washing line is based on the degree of contamination of the PET bottle recycling and cleaning requirements to determine, generally including pre-washing, main washing, rinsing and drying stages.

  • In the pre-wash stage, the main water is used to carry out a preliminary rinse of the bottle flakes to remove most of the pollutants on the surface.
  • In the main washing stage, oil and stains on the surface of bottle flakes are removed by heating water and detergent. The rinsing stage involves a secondary rinsing of the bottle flakes with water to remove residual detergent and contaminants.
  • After that, in the drying stage, the bottle flakes are dried by hot air to ensure the dryness of the bottle flakes. The cleaning process should be reasonable and orderly, striving to clean the surface of bottle flakes in many ways.

Setting appropriate process parameters

When using PET bottle flakes washing line, setting appropriate process parameters is also the key to ensure the cleaning effect. Process parameters include cleaning temperature, cleaning time, water/detergent concentration and so on.

PET bottle flakes washing line for sale
PET bottle flakes washing line for sale

Generally speaking, the higher the cleaning temperature, the better the cleaning effect, but also be careful not to exceed the heat-resistant temperature range of the bottle, so as not to cause deformation or quality degradation of the bottle. The cleaning time should be determined according to the actual situation, both to ensure that the cleaning, but also to consider the production efficiency. The concentration of water/detergent should also be appropriate, too low a concentration may not clean well, and too high a concentration may cause waste and environmental pollution.

Regular maintenance and repair of the equipment

Equipment to ensure that the cleaning port, nozzle, conveyor belt and other parts of the cleanliness and normal working condition, regularly check whether there is damage or wear and tear of the equipment, timely maintenance and replacement. In addition, the PET bottle flakes washing line should be regularly cleaner replacement, to avoid deterioration and accumulation of cleaning agents affect the cleaning effect.