In today’s pursuit of sustainable development, textile recycling has become a focus of attention. Shuliy Machinery has taken a position in the field of textile recycling and injected new vitality into fibre regeneration through its advanced equipment. Let’s take a look at the machines used in textile recycling.

Machines used in textile recycling

Fibre cutting machine

Shuliy fabric cutter can turn waste into treasure for fibre waste recycling. Its highly efficient cutting technology quickly transforms waste textiles into small pieces or fragments, providing the ideal recycled raw material for subsequent processing. This not only increases productivity, but also helps to reduce the costs of waste disposal.

textile waste cutting machine for fiber cutting 
textile waste cutting machine for fiber cutting 

Opening machine

Our cotton fiber opener machine is instrumental in fibre carding. By dissolving and cleaning the fibres, it removes impurities and unwanted components from used textiles, providing the fibres with better-quality recycled material. This meticulous treatment not only improves fibre quality, but also reusability.

polyester fibre opening machine for sale
polyester fibre opening machine for sale

Carding machine

The cleaning machine is a further carding process for fibre waste based on the opener. It further cleans, combs and refines the fibres to ensure the highest possible quality of recycled fibres. This process not only removes residual impurities, but also breathes new life into the fibres, paving the way for textile remanufacturing. And this machine is often used in combination with opener for better waste textile recycling.

Customized solution for textile waste recycling

Depending on machines used in textile recycling, with your needs in mind, we offer customised solutions. Whether you are a business or an individual, we are committed to meeting different textile recycling needs. Efficient, sustainable and cost-effective fibre recycling solutions are our promise to our customers!

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